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Hi my name is Kyle,

This podcast is about connections. Its about connecting you the listener with hospitality greats. Its about sharing stories which strengthen your business. I realised when I first embarked on an investment journey in Indonesia that there were no resources available that shared in the stories of others. Whilst there is a correct way to do things, everyone has a version of what ‘correct’ means and it is not very clear for the new investor. I want to create the clarity from the stories of those who have done it before. I’m excited to have the opportunity to learn as well. Indonesia is also Australia’s closest neighbour and with the country set to be the 4th largest in the world by 2040, so strategically if you’re an Australian investor, you should be trying to learn as much about Indonesian business for your own market share growth.

This podcast has been born out of my earnest desire to connect people and share the learnings of the existing hospitality businesses with new hospitality start-ups, entrepreneurs and foreign investors. I do want to point out that regardless of your industry, you’ll take something out of this podcast. 

Indonesia can be an alluring, exotic, complex, dynamic, challenging, lucrative and ludicrous place to do business. Many people aspire to start their dream business in this foreign land.

As a serial entrepreneur myself with a love for international business and all that Indonesia has to offer, I am one of the people that have been drawn to take a chance. As I first embarked on my investment journey at 26 years of age, I experienced a sharp learning curve for how to conduct business in an environment with a different culture, values, attitudes and systems.

I also quickly realised that there were no resources available which shared in the stories of others. Whilst there are certain ways about doing business in Indonesia its not very clear and I want to create the clarity by speaking with others so that you and I can learn from what they did.

There are 3 offerings on our website;

          The Podcast

          The Blogs

          Our Newsletter

The Podcast is designed to squeeze a lifetime of knowledge from our guests into a 1-1.5 hours podcast. I’d encourage you to approach each of these with an open mind, and with the mindset of learning. To get the best out of them, take your own notes. Whilst our podcast notes capture the most important content, writing notes is the best way to learn about the content yourself.

Our blogs cover the following topics;

          Business and Finance

          Leadership and Management

          Real estate and Construction

We wanted to create information that is specific to the Indonesian Hospitality industry so that you can find most of the knowledge you need on the website; BEFORE you commit to starting your hospitality business in Indonesia. We have a team of freelance lawyers, journalists and hospitality professionals who write our content in country – making the information highly relevant. I do have to say however, that the content is not legal advice and you should seek professional legal help before committing to business in Indonesia.

Our newsletter is put out once a month and contains industry relevant information for you to read about. Here we also share content that is not published online as some information may only have a short shelf life (i.e information that is temporary in nature like Events coming up, Political updates etc). The newsletter also seeks to share stories which are not published online or via the podcasts – so I would encourage you to subscribe.


I wan to finish off by repeating what I said earlier. I’m here to learn too and when we all get better, we can only expect our once thriving industry to get better too.

Where We Are Going?

There are so many complex questions – and unfortunately some complicated answers which vary from person to person when it comes to investing in Indonesia. I want to break it down into bite sized pieces so that you can get the best out of your hospitality business in Indonesia. Whether you’re a hospitality veteran – a retiree looking for a sea-change or an existing business looking to level up – you’ll find everything you need to know here to elevate your business.

If you have a suggestion that you think would help the Indonesian Hospitality industry – please send me an email via the Contact Us form and I’ll be happy to answer it.

So whats coming up;

– Webinars with Q&As so you can get free hospitality advice to grow your business

– Instructional videos on how you can improve your bottom line by looking at the numbers.

– Meet and greets online so that even though we cannot meet face to face – we can meet online.

Are you ready? I am.