Ep 1: Learn From My Mistakes

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My name is Kyle and thanks for listening.

What I’ll share with you in this podcast is knowledge I wish I had when I first started investing.

For 40,000 years humans have learned through stories. We’re survived because we have taught each other what is going to kill us. What is going to make us thrive. We’re just doing what evolution has asked us to do. Tell stories.

As a young investor in Indonesia I found it terribly difficult to understand the systems of doing business there. Made a lot of mistakes. Over the last 7 years however, I’ve learned a lot. Most of my lessons have come from mistakes and from speaking with other investors. The Network. This podcast gives you access to my network. How are they making a profit? What are the tools they are using to drive efficiency, service, safety and productivity? How did they adapt to expat life in Indonesia? How do you manage an expat if you are an Indonesian citizen?

Hospitality accounts for 4% of Indonesia’s GDP – and it is my hope that this podcast helps struggling businesses get back on their feet after COVID-19 is over.

My experiences in Australia, New Zealand, Kenya and Indonesia have all been wonderful in their own right. But I’m not here to tell you how to run your business as much as I’m here to listen to others tell me how they run theirs – and it’s in listening that we can find the greatest secrets to their success.So sit back. Grab your favourite blend of coffee and some sunshine and enjoy the podcast.

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Episode 1